The purpose of this course is to empower you, the athlete, and give you the success elements – that is, knowledge and psychological skills – to lift your game and get better results. Inside you will find lots of practical game changing tools (whatever your sport) to get you more quickly to where you want to go, and beyond.

In creating this program, we have followed four simple principles: learn from the best, use what works, keep it simple, and use psychology to get better results. We have consulted with performance psychologists, Olympic coaches, high performance coaches, and elite athletes, including Olympians and world champions from many sports - karate, fencing, swimming, aerial skiing, gymnastics, sailing, shooting, triathlon, rowing, and others – to create a program that gives you the performance edge. You will be using the same tools and techniques as your high performance coach. This does not make your coach redundant. Instead, it brings the coach-athlete relationship to a new level: balanced, productive and authentic.

Conversations with elite athletes and high performance coaches highlight a need for all athletes to have access to common-sense practical psychology to enhance performance and protect themselves against choking, meltdown, performance anxiety, low motivation or poor confidence. You have invested your time, energy and resources in your sport and made innumerable sacrifices. Elite Feats reduces the risk of things going wrong and gives you the opportunity to maximise the return on your investment and to get the most out of sport.

Psychology in sport is too often neglected and underutilised – not always by choice, as some athletes and sports federations just do not have sufficient resources. This manual corrects this problem and shifts attention to raising awareness and activating your psychological resources or mental reserves so that you can convert your potential into performance and get the results you want, in the short term as well as over a longer period of time.